Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to my blog TT Does It All! I am so excited to share my home life with you. Mostly I blog about hair styles, hair cuts and products that we use. We are economically challenged right now and live on a very tight budget so coupons and sales are very high on our priority list. We shop, primp, cook and clean on products gained by our frugal shopping style. I will be sharing tips, recipes, shopping advise and antics of our home. 

My husband and I raise my 11 yr old nephew and 12 yr old niece. My daughter recently got married and her husband added three grandchildren to the mix. My mom "Nana" stops by often bringing my niece baby Bella along. Donavan is my kid's little brother and he is often here spending time with them. Confused yet? Lol you'll get used to it, like most families today the dynamics are far from the norm but with love and patience we make it work.

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