Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Savings Just Keep Adding Up!

My local Market has another great sale this week and I've found some ways to take advantage of the savings.
Green and red grapes are on sale for .99 lb!!! That's an almost unheard of price so we just had to think of a way to store them. I decided to take them off the stems, rinse them in a colander and roll them onto a kitchen towel to dry. Once dry we simply put them in a zip top heavy duty freezer bag and stored them in the door of our freezer.
The little frozen bites of heaven make a healthy, quick snack for my family. We do NOT thaw them the texture won't be firm so we eat them frozen and the delight in your mouth on a warm afternoon is better than any Popsicle or Ice cream bar!

Another unbelievable bargain, 3 lb bags of yellow onions for 79c each, I bought three bags! I am taking a little time to peel and chop them and just throwing the diced bits into those handy dandy freezer bags. I press the air out and lay flat in the freezer. Now all I have to do is reach in and take out the amount I need while preparing meals. It really helps to get supper going in a hurry and I only have one crying session! lol. I usually use 3 lbs of onions a month give or take so I could be saving my self from paying full price for three months. I'm thinking I'll run across another sale in that time and replenish my supply before I run out so I won't have to pay full price by "buying forward". That means buying more than I really need at a cut rate price and having enough to use until they go on sale again. Of course I'll leave a few out to use fresh while I can.
Look for seasonal bargains and find ways to store them. Sure it will take a little time to prepare store them but when you add it up I bet it saves time compared to preparing just a little if you do it every time you need it for a meal. 
Happy Savings!!!

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