Sunday, February 26, 2012

From Jeans to a Skirt!
We simply cut a pair of jeans off that fit in the waist. I cut under the zipper in the front and a couple of inches under the back pockets keeping a relatively even cut. Then we took scraps from other jean legs in different shades and cut rows then sewed the rows together. I made two coordinating panels and cut them both into an A line shape. I used the cut edge of the jeans top and started the A line panel that size on top with a little seam allowance and just cut the panel the length I wanted my skirt to be. Attach the A line shaped panels and seam it up! Wha la! You have a skirt.

Here's a different version using a pant top cut off the same way as above. My girl had a dress that was to tight at the top so we cut the dress off at the waist and attached the cut off dress bottom to the cut edge of the pants top. Wha la! Two more skirts using stuff that some people would throw out.

Nice how the brown pants color match the skirt we attached that was ivory with brown flowers. She paired it with a solid brown top and she looks like a million bucks! This is a great project to teach a kid to sew. Yes it rouge and there's no pattern. It's just plain practical and quick so the instant results encourage the child to learn more. You wouldn't believe the pride that she gained actually getting compliments on an outfit that she helped make!

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