Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kid's Waste Control

I have a few simple ways to cut down on waste in our home. I especially try to help with the kids having a way to not spill or over use expensive products.

1 Kid is old enough to want to shampoo their own hair but not consistently able to portion out the proper amount or not able to keep those wet, slippery shampoo bottles out of the water.
Solution - Purchase a pump bottle! I was able to find a kid's brand shampoo with a pump. It was larger than I was used to but I bought it on sale with coupons so no sweat. I continue to refill it over and over so the savings just keep on coming! Even if the bottle falls in the bath it doesn't spill and the kids know how many pumps they are to use!

2 Kid is to big for sippy cup but spills still happen A LOT! 
Solution- Tupperware lidded drink cups with straw hole. There are also lots of sports drinks that if you rinse out the container your child could reuse them. I even use the Tupperware for myself when I take a drink into my room or work around the computer to avoid costly spills.

3 Two bathrooms only One Product
Solution - Use an empty that is still in good shape or purchase small reusable bottles.
I often buy products in large containers way to over-sized to be left out on the counter or just have one product but need to have some in both bathrooms. If I already have an empty of the same product I can easily transfer some from one bottle to the empty. If it's shampoo I can just add it to the kid's pump. If it's hair gel or lotion I can use a reusable small container. Also if you happen to get travel size products free with purchase don't just toss them out once used. Think about small containers being refilled especially when your kids are learning to use products on their own. 

4 Snacks left open or wasted
I almost never buy snack size chips or cereal! It's just to expensive. But my kids will either not get the chip clip on good causing the snack to go stale or don't close the sack up at all and leave it out or even worse eat the whole family size bag between two little kids :(
Solution - Make portion controlled snacks with zip top bags and have a snack canister/bowl/drawer that the kids can get to easily. I keep the big bag sealed and fresh while the kids can have portion control and freshness.

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