Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's talk about coupons!
Ok I am not an extreme couponer but I need to cut my shopping cost down extremely low soooo, I coupon! Now I'm new at this so forgive me if you are more versed than I but let me share the top 10 tips and tricks I've discovered so far.

The biggest and best tip,,,,,wait for it,,,,buy the Sunday Paper to get your manufacturers coupons.

Tip 2 There are really cool people on YouTube that have the sale ads a week before the sales and they also know which coupons are coming out in the paper. Once you see that info you can determine if you want to buy more than one paper.

Tip 3 Every store is going to have a little different sales so it's always good to keep your coupons with you.

Tip 4 Pick a system to keep your coupons organized. I use a rubbermaid shoe box style container. I separate categories with index cards and small envelopes. Some people use a 3 ring binder with baseball card sheets. Use whatever works for you.

Tip 5 Take advantage of online coupons that are printable and sign up for some cool websites that alert you to those coupons.

Tip 6 Learn how each store works it's sales programs. CVS and Walgreen's have really specific set ups with ECB (electronic cash back) and register rewards programs. My favorite store policy for both is that if they have a BOGO (buy one get one free) sale, you can use a coupon for the one you buy and the one you get free so you are doubling your savings. If you find a clearance priced sale you are really going to cut your costs. Which leads me to....

Tip 7 Look for clearance items that you can match up with coupons.

Tip 8 At CVS and Walgreen's buy the item that earns rewards so that you can use the rewards on a separate purchase. I sometimes make a couple of separate purchases in a row to take advantage of the store's reward program.

Tip 9 Buy enough of an on sale item to last you until the next cycle of sales on that type item. Ex.... If deodorant is on sale BOGO and you have 6 coupons buy 3 and get 3 free. You'll have 6 deodorants to last you until it goes on sale again and you can collect more coupons for it.

Tip 10 Brand loyalty is your enemy! It's true for savings. If you are strictly loyal to ABC detergent and you seldom get ABC coupons and the sales don't get put on for ABC that often or the sale is not that great of savings, guess what? You are denying yourself huge savings on other brands that you do get coupons for that do have great sales. It's all detergent, it all cleans clothes, I'm going to save some money and buy what's giving me the best deal!
Now that being said, if you just have to have ABC detergent and it's worth it to you, rewards are a good way to get what you want. Take advantage of the sales and coupons you do get and use rewards to roll over to the ABC detergent.

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